Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Conquering fears

The nature of a cruise holiday is to do stuff. You have to be distracted or you realise that you're on a big floating device, very far away from land with only miles of ocean in sight. So there are choc-a-block activities for those interested.

Finally, JED are old enough to be interested in doing things. They hung a lot in the pool but at least, this time round, they were willing to try out the 'extreme' (in Evan's words) activities on the ship. It took a lot of convincing on Jordan's part to get her brothers up on the rock wall or into the surf. Both boys are a bit more fearful. They don't like roller coasters, they don't like heights, they don't like anything that will put their lives in danger.

For her, no adrenaline rush, no fun. But for the two more risk averse ones, the fears were plenty.

Rock wall:
What if I fall down?
What if the wind blows me off the ship?
What if I slam into the wall while coming down?
What if I get stuck up there?

With the I-Fly,
1. I don't like the noise (To be fair, it was loud. It was what I'd imagine plane engines sound like up close)
2. What if I get blown up and go splat on the top?
3. What if I get blown out of the chamber?
4. What if I splat on the side of the funnel? (They really have been watching too many cartoons)
5. What if I break my back?

With the Wave Rider,
1. What if my trunks fall off? (Apparently a very real concern)
2. What if water goes up my nose?
3. What if I drown?

But in every single case, their fears didn't materialise and they were ecstatic with relief at being alive after trying it out that more often than not, Evan wanted to do it again.

And now, Evan very proudly tells his friends that he rock climbed, got bounced and hit the wall coming down but survived and has some bruises to show for it.

Muffin's still less sure about it. Adrenaline kicks are over rated in his opinion. But at least, he went at it and did it.

Both, however, drew the line at circus school. Both were convinced they would fall off the trapeze and crack their skulls open.

Needless to say, Jordan was disappointed.


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