Sunday, August 31, 2008


This week's vacation week. Not for us. For my in laws. Every time it's vacation, they take the opportunity to disappear. I can't blame them I guess. They stay around pretty much all of our term time. But that means, we don't ever get much of a vacation. That's what I keep telling my students when we discuss questions like why parenting is the hardest job around. There's NO downtime. NO going home from work unless you count going to work (real wage earning job) downtime.

But that's what this week and the last couple of days has been like. Kids and somewhere in between grading papers. Grading papers comes a distant second, sometimes much to my professional anxiety but there's no two ways about it. They don't nap long enough or synchronised enough for me to duck out to get some work done.

So because of that, and because my lap top is on its last legs, there's going to be radio silence for a bit. Till my life gets a bit of a breather. I think next week, when term starts again. And that is a really really sad thought.


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