Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yet another one

My constant lament that my baby is growing up too fast continues.

This has really been a week of milestones. First being able to stand without assistance and being able to stand for a couple of seconds without buckling and then now, being able to drink from a straw.

I am being conscientious about recording these things because with the twins I didn't and I spend half my time asking Packrat if whether they were like that when they were Muffin's age.

My memory really really sucks right now and it's amazing I can right the names of all my children. I suspect it has a little bit to do with not sleeping enough but I'm sure it's also got to do with how I am getting older and my kids do take up a lot of brain power.

Anyway, Muffin choked and sputtered his way to figuring out how to drink from a straw. All in the same hour as we introduced the straw to him. He is a quick study. I hope it continues to be this way for other things.

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