Friday, December 24, 2010

Stop lights

I haven't done a lot of craft with the twins in a long while. The end of year mad rush, having 3 instead of 2 children to entertain and care for plus a long litany of other things made it a little bit difficult.

But that didn't mean I hadn't been dreaming craft ideas in my head.

One thing that cracked me up a while back but is still funny is that Evan, learning his colours in Chinese took to parroting the colours of the traffic lights. And no amount of correction could stop him from saying

Evan: The traffic lights have 红灯 [hong (2)red], 绿灯 [lǜ (4) green] and yellow 灯.
Mommy: You mean 黄灯 [huang (2) yellow] ?
Evan: NO! YELLOW 灯.

And you had to say the "yellow" with a Cantonese/ Hong Kong accent.

At the same time, the twins love scootering/ bicycling and running about.

My favourite memory of being in Primary 5 ( I know that is much older) is going to Road Safety Park where there were minature roads, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and go-carts and bicycles. I remember coming back from there, stealing chalk from school and in a most civil engineer fashion, I created roads in the back garden of the condo I lived in.

With that in mind, I decided to make traffic lights with the twins.

It wasn't difficult and at the same time, it assuaged my guilt about them having not done anything academic in the last couple of weeks because when Mommy goes on vacation, so does everything academic they do.

Anyway, it involved matching, counting, peeling tape and sticking stuff together. I also labelled the colours for them on each "light" (They were interchangeably traffic lights and lollipops). To carry on the joke, Evan's yellow light is labelled "Yellow " and "黄" light and he was extremely chuffed.

And then much thundering round the house.

Eventually, they got chased out to the corridor to pretend to be traffic light and motorist because Muffin wanted to join in the fun and the youngest had to nap.

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