Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What have they been up to

Having been away from the kids for two weeks puts us in a unique position to see how they've changed or grown in the last fortnight.

Of course, the most obvious changes come from Muffin who is at an age where he does something surprising everyday. While we were away, he's become more stable on his legs and has become more assertive and quarrelsome. For now, the quarrelsome nature is funny. Ask me again in a year's time what I really think of it. Aunty J said that it was important that he learn to make himself heard. After all, he has two very loud siblings that will trample on him if given a chance to.

The twins, being older, their development was more cognitive. Evan showed an amazing leap in the ability to draw connections when he asked me on the morning we arrived if America was in London. When I asked him why, he told me that there was a lot of snow in London and if America was in London, my aeroplane wouldn't be able to take off and I wouldn't have been able to come home. I was also given a lecture on how London was in England and not England in London. Someone sure brushed up on his Geography while I was in the North American continent.

Jordan, in the time we were away now draws with great precision and details. Her faces have eyelashes and she can colour quite precisely. She can also weave amazing stories with dinosaurs, monsters and castles. She plays pretend, being a Mommy, a doctor and her perennial favourite that drives us all nuts is to baby. This is her Oscar garnering role. She has it down pat, the baby talk, the limp body that requires an adult to heave around, the crawling, everything. We think it is in part jealousy of Muffin. Muffin does all that and gets what he wants. Why not her?

So, in the week we've come back, they've shown us how much we've missed while we were away but also how much we miss being away!

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