Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Regular Programming

The twins switched schools at the beginning of this year. They no longer have to catch the bus at crack of dawn. Okay, not really the crack of dawn but close enough. They used to catch the bus at 7 am, sometimes when it was still dark and chilly. Then the bus would take them round half of Singapore, if we are to believe Evan, before taking them to school.

This year, they still get on the bus but they are in a later session. That means that they have to get dropped off at their grandparents' on my way to work, they have their breakfast there and board the bus there. It works out better because we don't have to face the aggravation of trying to get them up in time to wash them up and change them.

But children are inherently contradictory. Now that they don't need to wake up at 6, they do, voluntarily. They potter around while still bleary eyed, dragging around their blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. All this while I am still bleary eyed myself, trying to express and sometimes have breakfast.

Usually, Evan wakes first, followed by Muffin who yells loud enough to wake up Malaysia until he is carried out of his prison and given milk. Jordan wakes last mostly and rolls around in bed, reluctant to leave the warm, soft comfort of it.

The thing with children is they wake up, mostly raring to go. They're ready for conversation, puzzle, books, toys and I suspect even paint if I let them. I have had serious conversation while it is dark outside about why it the sun is in the sky and why it has become dark.

Thankfully, they are peaceful at this time and can play together quite happily leaving me to do what I need to do.

All three children take after me. They wake up early. Their father, on the other hand, will sleep till the very last second before he really has to get up.

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