Thursday, March 03, 2011

Chalk and Cheese

Everyone says twins should look alike. They constantly remark that mine don't. I don't know how else to say "Of course they don't. They are boy and girl!". Anyway, they look alike, like siblings would. But the similarities stop there. I have never been the kind of mom that gets a kick out of dressing them in the matching outfits. I think that's cruel and unusual punishment. Perhaps we've always valued the sense of individuality too highly to do something like that to them. We are afterall, going to punish ourselves by sending them to different primary schools just so that they are not in each other's shadows.

Anyway, I thought I would start a series about how different they are.

Every month or 6 weeks, we take them to get their hair cut. We have long given up trying to cut it on our own. Too much squirming and it never looked straight. Plus the hairdresser has a shaver and Evan has never looked spiffier.

How differently they react to the hairdresser probably has to do with their gender.

After I mentioned that we were going to the hairdresser, Jordan bugged me no end. "I want to go to the hairdresser. I want to go now".

Evan seemed to liken it to getting his teeth pulled except he'd never had that done before but the sense of dread was almost palpable with that one.

The entire time at the hairdresser, I am struggling not to laugh. I stand between them and Jordan sits beatifically. She tells the hairdresser "Don't cut too short okay? I like it when Tita (our helper) ties up my hair".

Evan has not stopped whining about wanting a sweet. That is the only way we manage to get him to sit still. With the bribe of a tip of sweet. He squrims under the cover, struggles to dust of hair as it snows down and prickles his neck and fights all instructions to stay still and look down.

Jordan stares at herself in the mirror, as if hypnotised. She obeys all instructions even though they are given to her in Chinese and she gets a sweet but that's just because her brother got one. She doesn't need prompting.

Even then, she takes longer than he does. His hair gets taken off with the shaver, hers is labouriously snipped.

They both look good at the end of it. Jordan, a little China doll or Dora and Evan, a spiffy and handsome boy.

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  1. Yay for celebrating their individuality:)

  2. Jordan is so girly! =) Why don't you let her keep her hair? She'll feel princessy.

  3. The little girl is super sweaty! I would love for her to grow out her hair but I think not yet. :)