Friday, April 22, 2011

Father's daughter

I failed art in secondary school. And I failed it dismally! One of my best friends and I became best friends because we were the only two in class that couldn't make a still life of a papaya look like a papaya.

Packrat, on the other hand, was the president of the Art Club in his school. On one hand, the jockette in me mocked it mercilessly. On the other hand, I was filled with admiration because he could illustrate quite expressively without much effort.

Jordan takes after her father. In the recent months, she has taken more and more to drawing, colouring and writing. And we are proud of her etchings. Me more so because of my inability to draw beyond a flower and a snail.

I had also blogged previously about her reluctance to read. It is still an issue but I have figured a way around it that she seems amiable to. She likes writing and I've taken to getting her to label every drawing she does. And hopefully by doing that, she will also pick up some words.

Evan is a little bit more like me. He can't quite draw and he can't quite write. Some people say it is a boy thing. So I leave him to it. I sneak in little bits of practice here and there to get his grip stronger. He loves scrawling, especially on glass. So erasable marker pens are his thing. He's attempted some drawing but they are no where as detailed as his sister. But I give him credit for trying. Plus he can actually read the days of the week.

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