Friday, April 22, 2011

Gun Control and Easter

Some time ago, I was having a conversation about the Church's stand on Harry Potter. It wasn't unusual for the Church to preach from the pulpit that Harry Potter was evil literature. The person I was talking to pointed out that our senior pastor's view of the whole uproar was a rather condescending one.

"They think that God needs looking after and protecting?" he chortled apparently.

I took that to heart because I really liked Harry Potter and I wasn't about to give the series up.

Today I had a conversation with Evan that made me think of that and made me chortle.

Today is Good Friday. I told Evan that. He asked me to put on the song the Old Rugged Cross in the car. I used the opportunity to tell him that Jesus died on the Old Rugged Cross today thousands of years ago. The following conversation ensued.

Evan: Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
Me: Because he loved us and so that we could go to heaven.
Evan: We have to go to heaven to protect God.
Me: Who do we have to protect God from?
Evan: From the soldiers, with guns.

We have always maintained with the children that guns were not a good thing. In their mountains and mountains of toys, there isn't a single gun. On the rare occasion when they ask, we tell them to use their imagination. So the conversation continued...

Me: Why do we have to protect God from the soldiers with guns?
Evan: Some soldiers with guns are bad. Some are good.
Me: So do we have guns?
Evan: We only have pretend guns. Almost all good soldiers have no guns. Papa has no gun. So we need Jesus to die for us.

I hope they continue down this path.
And, of this, I am at least certain; that the NRA isn't going to get his subscription. And the thought of Evan having God's back is both absolutely heartwarming and hilarious at the same time.

So, Happy Easter everyone!

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  2. That's so sweet! Protecting God.

    We make a stand not to have guns in the house but oh, the imagination of a child. He decides to build them using his lego. =s