Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Conversation with Muffin

If Muffin could speak, this would be how he would answer the following questions.

Q: What is your favourite time of day?
A: 5.30 in the morning when I've had enough sleep. Never mind if everyone else hasn't.

Q: Who are your best friends?
A: Evan and Jordan. They recently taught me how to stick out my tongue at Papa and blow raspberries. Papa was pretending to be displeased.

Q: What do you like doing best in the day?
A: Climbing. I like climbing on tables and chairs. I like climbing on the table and watching the world go by. I like the chairs because it helps me get to the tables. Or the things on the table.

Q: You are coming to 15 months. Do you know any words yet?
A: I know more than I let on. And I'm not letting anyone dictate when I'm going to say them. But when I feel like it, I call "Papa" and "Mama". I know "Up", "Down" and "Jump".

Q: What are your newest hobbies?
A: Dancing and speaking on the phone. I didn't know my body could move that way.

Q: Who do you talk to?
A: I talk to anyone. I tell them about what I've done the whole day and I tell them about how I'm annoyed that they won't let me talk on the phone for long. Something about how other people might be trying to call in.

Q: If there was one thing you could lay your hands on, what would it be?
A: Mommy's phone. She keeps pointing it at me. And after that, sounds that sound like me come out of it! Perhaps a mini Muffin lives in there!

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  1. Dylan is still so cute. But he looks different now. Makes me excited to see baby Immanuel growing, changing as he grows older.