Friday, April 01, 2011


Jordan is an adventurous eater. This is ironic because she is also a very fussy eater. She is fussy with her own food but adventurous with ours.

To date, she has tried dry chilli mee pok, sandwiches with lettuce and tomato, granola bars, seaweed, sour plum and curry. Her most recent discovery is ketchup and mustard.

It probably had to do with what she could eat the ketchup (french fries) and mustard (sausages) with and that inspired her to try them. It was the same with both. First she sniffed it, then she licked it, then she gobbled it up.

And then after that, she tries to offer it to her brother. He, however is more conservative and is unwilling to try new things unless it is deep fried and looks obviously tasty. He eyes the unnatural red of the ketchup and the sickly yellow of the mustard with its sour smell and decides that he will pass. Unfortunately for him, his sister is quite dogged and pursues him with the spoon of mustard.

The health-conscious nut in me goes "colouring!", "preservatives!", "sugar!". But the Mommy part of me is proud of her sense of adventure when it comes to food. This time, the Mommy part won!

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