Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post Mortem

We're back and the sheer fact that I have severe post-holiday blues lays testament to the fact that we not only survived our first solo vacation with 3 children under the age of 4 but we actually found some time to enjoy it. But even though it was great fun and we weren't exhausted during our days in Phuket, I am flat out exhausted now. I attribute it to the blues. So just highs and lows.

Highlight of the trip for us

Body surfing in the waves despite the warnings of rip current. But that meant we had swim wear filled with sand and sand everywhere.

Highlight of the trip for the twins

Swimming twice a day. Toasting them to a crisp. Thankfully the Club Med GOs took the sunblock rule very seriously so the twins were sun kissed but didn't have the pain that Packrat had from forgetting to sunblock his shoulders.

Highlight for Muffin

It's a toss up between chasing his siblings round the room, watching television with them and letting the waves crash over Mommy and sending torrents of sea water over him.

Most bummed out moment for us

Discovering that Evan left my precious Ipod on the shuttle service to the airport.

Most stressful moment(s)/hour for us

Muffin not being able to settle all through the flight back and and crying and struggling so hard he threw up all over me. We became one of those parents that other passengers hate and talk about.

Most stressful moment for the twins

Well, Evan actually. Being dropped off at Mini Club and realising he had to do big boy things like play basketball. He was more mollified when he was told he could stay in the complex and ride around in cars.

Most stressful moment for Muffin

Being dropped at at Baby Club every morning. He began to recognise the path we took to Baby Club and would cry in protest. It was hard for me to do but we thought it a necessary introduction to separation and childcare. So, it was actually stressful for all involved.

Most proud moment

When Evan ran straight into the waves, overcoming his water phobia. I guess that's what being in the water twice a day for 4 days would do to you. If that doesn't build water confidence, nothing does.

Favourite food from the buffet table

For Packrat, it was pork. Done all ways and one meal, we swore, every part of the pig was used in some dish or other. For me, the Thai curries. One word. Lemongrass-y.

Favourite meal of the day

Lunch. All the kids would be fed at their respective clubs. And us adults could sit and chat leisurely and pretend we were 6 adults, unencumbered by young 'uns. Plus lunch seemed to always have a better fare than dinner.

Most bizarre thing(s) we saw

A fat millipede that was a foot long and a lizard that looked like a snake with legs.

The one thing I am glad I did was bring Muffin. Even though he was the one who was the most trying, crying because he wasn't used to the bedtime routine, the flight, the food and of course, Baby Club, I think he genuinely loved being with us. He was a last minute addition to our travel plans and I was thrilled to spend time with him and enjoy hearing him chuckle and laugh.

So, verdict: Would we do it again? In a heartbeat. I miss it already.

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  1. Loved that last paragraph you wrote there. That's exactly how I feel about having Reece with us in HK for 5 days. The flight there and back were nightmarish and aged me years and years. And when he got tired and decided to throw a tantrum, there was a part of me that truly wanted to run away. But I'm so glad he got to do what he did and also that we had so much time with me instead of dropping him off at infantcare early in the morning and picking him up only after dinner.

    (I've given myself a day off without the kids, though. Came back last night and dropped them off at childcare this morning. ;p )

  2. Oops, I meant 'so much time with him'. Not 'me'.

    I would only be too happy to be able to write I had 'so much time with me'. Hahaha!