Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trains, planes and automobiles

We survived today.

Packrat exclaimed over a very late dinner that today was the first time he's spent an unbroken 24 hours with the children. His point was that he was pooped. My point was that he survived and only Evan cried today because his sister took the window seat on the plane on take off. Well, Muffin cried occasionally, but he wasn't the toddler across the aisle who cried herself hoarse, but not without spewing all over the carpet of the plane.

Even though Phuket is an hour and a half away from Singapore, it has been an exceptionally long day. It began for Packrat at 9 am when he left the house to take the twins, by MRT all the way to the airport. It was a brilliant suggestion because packing for 3 children under 4 was a difficult task to complete on its own even when one didn't have 3 children underfoot.

And underfoot they got because they were so wired about going. So much so that the older two threw up in the morning. I would have panicked, except for the fact that the vomitting was followed up with many excuses as to why they threw up rather than the usual claim of "I am sick, I need to go to the doctor."

The trip from the airport to Club Med itself was another hour and by the time we got there, we were exhausted by all the travelling.

It would be very unlike me if I wasn't stressed about something. Today, it had to do with how and what to feed them. We hadn't really solved the problem but each child had something to eat, whether healthy or not. Following that, a shower, some tv time to wind them down. Strangely enough it was Muffin who took longest to fall asleep.

Packrat says he's keeping his fingers crossed that the rest of the days would be less frantic. I am just glad we survived the journey unscathed.


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