Saturday, September 24, 2011


Muffin has the strongest personality of all 3 children.

He is fiesty, he makes his opinions known and is extremely strong minded about them and he isn't afraid to fight to get what he wants.

All good things if tempered but it leaves his siblings with dread because they are regularly terrorised by him.

But they love him to bits because he has a most disarming grin and he uses it with impunity.

Even learning to speak, he marches to his own tune. He doesn't do party tricks. So he won't sing on command or moo like a cow on command. Perhaps, his thought bubble reads "Who do they think they're trying to fool, trying to make me moo like a cow in front of all these strangers?"

Whatever it is, his words are heard when he feels like it on when it is of maximum benefit to him. Having said that, I've been wanting to record how he puts himself to sleep. That's probably when his guard is down and all the sounds and words come tumbling out. But most of the time, he will yammer right to the point that I point the camera at him and then he will shut up or make random incomprehensible sounds.

This was the one moment that I managed to capture him saying something intelligible. And even then, he says it with attitude. Amen is a word uttered in agreement and reverence. The way Muffin does it, he could almost be gutteral and spitting it out with some sort of vehemence.

Since we're teaching him to say grace before his meals, we take whatever Amens come our way. We don't worry so much about God. We figure God knows Muffin has a sense of humour and he's just adding his bit of Muffin zest to it.

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