Saturday, September 03, 2011

Childhood ambitions

The twins are at the age now where they talk about what they would like to be/ do when they grow up. After listening to their ambitions, Packrat and I came to the conclusion that if both kids or for that matter all kids, grew up and did what they wanted to do as children, we would not need to hire foreigners.

When my brother was little, he wanted to be a firefighter and use the fire trucks to water all of my mom's roses. I wanted to wash the drains for a living and Packrat wanted to be a farmer.

Now, Evan spends his time obsessing about trucks, construction vehicles and garbage trucks. If he had his way, he would be a garbage truck driver because then he gets to control the lever in the truck that raises the bins and tips the rubbish into the truck. In his more serious moods, he would like to be a teacher so that he can mark papers like Mommy and Papa. It was at that point where both Packrat and I hollered that it wasn't a good idea (the marking bit, the teaching bit is okay). He has also occasionally displayed very good busboy skills, clearing plates from the table and doing the dishes.

Jordan changes her mind every day. So yesterday, she had this conversation with me about wanting to be a ballet teacher. When I asked her the same question today, she said she was going to be a princess and she would be a ballet teacher tomorrow. Some time ago, she also wanted to be the air traffic controller she saw in Toy Story 2.

For Muffin, right now, we think he would just like to be a bus driver or a crazy race car driver. But anyone who sits in a bus he drives would feel extremely ill and convinced that their driver was out to kill them.

Whatever it is, they have stipulated (well, two out of three of them anyway) that they must be able to wear their rainboots to work. For Evan, any construction job with rain boots would not seem too out of place. For Jordan, she will be a tomboy-ish princess, rain boots with her evening gowns or ballet outfits for that matter. Alternatively, she could be a rocket engineer but she would only design rockets that were girly and grew flowers in them. Never mind that the flowers would all wither and burn to ash from inter-galactic heat! But at least she gets to wear space boots.

At this point, I am supposed to say that I would be happy with whatever they want to do as long as it makes them happy. I don't really know about that. Yes, I would like them to be happy in whatever they do, but I would also like them to not have to worry about money so let's see what kind of balance they can strike.

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