Friday, September 09, 2011

While we were away

Packrat spirited me off for a short 3 day break in Bangkok the minute school was out this last week. This was despite my declarations that I would miss Muffin and the twins would be whining for me and giving his mom a hard time. He would not hear of it. He wanted some time to hang out with his wife without her being distracted by her Mommy duties. And he claimed that the twins would be fine because they had been hankering to stay over at their grandparents so that they could watch copious amounts of television anyway.

So we went, me with a painful heart at leaving the littlest who moaned and cried as we left the house with our bags.

And from all accounts, he was right. The twins had a blast and Muffin was none the worse for wear.

The twins did indeed watch copious amounts of television. They also went to an art camp and were giggling and clamouring to show off their art pieces. Evan discovered foosball and went round the house searching for dollar coins that he could use for the machine.

Muffin went swimming, scared his grandparents with his fearless, dunking antics. He also over ate on two occasions, proceeding to imitate the Merlion and upchuck, much to the chagrin of the helper and the grandma.

He also managed to convince his grandfather into allowing him to watch television at 6.30 in the morning. Something I was extremely horrified with but the soft hearted grandfather melted as my youngest clasped his hands to his chest in an earnest gesture to say please; add to that, his big, soulful eyes and soft pleading voice. When his grandfather showed signs of hedging, he tried a different tactic and proppelled him by pushing his knees toward the television set and brought him the DVDs and remote controls. All this was reported to me by an extremely sheepish grandfather who knew that I would disapprove but felt he was under the spell of his charming grandson.

When they saw us, there was great excitement as they tried to unload upon us all that they had done for the past 3 days and Muffin wanted to sleep with me last night. Apart from that, it seemed like there was no permanent damage.

On my part, I missed the kids muchly but I did manage to get some sleep which was much needed and according to Packrat, my colour improved from a shade of pale green to a slight tinge of flushed radiance. I attribute that to the divine spa we had, in a suite larger than our hotel room and a masseuse who took seriously my request for wanting a massage that I could sleep through.

When I woke, I felt like I had slept for 10 hours. And that was what was much needed.

Now, I am back, single-parenting today. The down side to going away for a divine break is that the return to reality is a rude and depressing downer that's going to need some readjusting time.

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