Monday, September 26, 2011

Fish tales

Muffin has two favourite books. One of them is the perennial favourite of all my children- The Gruffalo. And the other is one of the twins' school readers Look Out Fish!

Granted, at this age, Muffin's relationships with books is a strange one. A book does not just possess the ability to spin an amazing tale for him. It is a weapon, a pillow, ammunition that is meant to launch and very often, books strewn on the ground become the paved footpath for Muffin across whatever tumultuous terrain he imagines he has to scale.

But pull out either of these two books and he seems to stop tripping and comes down from his speed high. He sits quietly, looks at the pictures and occasionally adds in his own sound effects.

With the Gruffalo, he growls at the Gruffalo and flaps his wings at the owl. With Look Out Fish! , he mimics the ending on every page where the predator fish goes "Snap snap!". Without fail, he repeats "Snap snap!" and sometimes nods his head to add emphasis.

In the background, you hear Evan chuckling and extremely tickled that his brother can 'read' his book. Both siblings seem very amused that Muffin is finding words. They spend a better part of their day trying to get their brother to utter new words and they laugh at the way he does it.

Perhaps I should re-imagine the story for him. "Look Out Muffin fish, the Evan fish is trying to attack you!" "Snap snap!"

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