Monday, October 31, 2011

Days of our lives

It is coming up to 6 months since I've gone on leave. As a result, people have asked me if I were itching to go back to work.

My response? A wrinkled nose that shows how reluctant I am to do that.

No, I don't feel the need to go back to the grind. I think I have been much happier without the aggro that is grading papers, intolerable people and waking up early.

That said, my life isn't filled with tai tai activities. I do everyday things like go to the market, do groceries and spend an inordinate amount of time driving the kids to and from their activities and school. It is filled with mediating between the kids. Jordan-Evan, Evan- Muffin, Jordan- Muffin (though this is uncommon) or Jordan and Evan- Muffin. It is about suffering great amounts of angst and stress as they run circles round me, refuse to finish their meals, mess up the house and not bother to clear it up or when they refuse to listen to me and ultimatums have to be issued.

But I also get to spend a lot of time doing things with them. On a regular day, there are early morning trips to the market (they cannot stand the smell of the market, so more trips there!), sending Packrat to work when he wakes up too late or it rains (the latter is more common these days) and trips to the playground or bike/ scooter rides round the estate.

On days they have no school, the outings are a bit more elaborate and it is often fuelled by their interests. Highlights of this include examining a Porsche that some SOTA art students designed because Evan is in love with race cars. Actually, he is in love with anything that has wheels, headlights and wipers.

And then, going on the Flyer for the 3rd time because it is another love of his. We had a beautiful pocket of one hour in between thunder storms and a lightning warning. One hour was enough to get through the one cycle on the flyer, be safely on the ground before the thunder and lightning storm scared all 3 children and have us stuck up high up in the sky with a lightning storm going on.

We've also gone to the beach, because it is a love of mine and I am determined to get Muffin to put his feet on the sand. No luck so far. He puts on a really pissed off face when anyone tries to lower him onto the sand and he goes all koala bear, clinging onto hips, knees, calves... anything to keep the grainy sand off the soles of his feet.

And most recently yesterday, Chilis. Food. A great love of Packrat and mine. While we are averse to junk food, we want to be able to take them to places we like, without them running amok and causing general annoyance and embarrassment.

Most of the time, these are great outings because everyone has fun and everyone is tired out after that. That means, a relatively easy time once they are home, settled and ready for bed. I am thankful that by not working, it gives me the opportunity to do all this. And it is so much part of my regular routine now that I can't imagine waking up and going back to the grind of 7 am days.

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