Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disneyfied fears

My mother brought me to see my first movie at the Cathay when I was about 4. The film she picked was Bambi. Till this day, she remembers it. Not because it was a particularly awesome movie but because her 4 year old screeched and was very traumatised when Bambi's mother got shot, off screen. Till this day, she tells the story to anyone who might listen. She must think that it makes her daughter seem extremely empathetic. Her daughter, me, is just embarrassed for having been one of those children who destroyed outings for others because she screamed and disrupted the peace.

And I also remember it being very traumatic. After all, Bambi lost his mother and I was terrified that I would lose mine.

Fast forward 30 years. It is no longer Bambi but The Lion King. It is no longer me, but Evan. He asked to watched The Lion King because he loves the Circle of Life song. I warned Packrat that it would be scary for him. Packrat waved it off. He said Evan seemed to enjoy it. But the minute it ended, Evan was looking for me. Even though he knew that I was only meant to come home later, he was inconsolable because he was certain I had been pushed off a mountain into a stampede of wildebeest.

Even when I did come home, he clung to me like a lifeline. Asking why Scar pushed Mufasa off the mountain. Why Simba was alone. Why Simba was angry with Mufasa. Why everyone thought that Simba was dead. Why Scar was a terrible brother. The questions came amidst sobs.

Clearly, he was terrified and the movie scared him. Packrat said we could have used that to teach him things like obedience, that Mufasa was angry with Simba for going into the elephant grave yard. Why it was necessary to follow instructions.

But it really wasn't the time. And it's been almost a week and he is still asking the same questions and swearing never to watch the Lion King again. Just like I have never been able to bring myself to watch Bambi again.

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