Thursday, October 13, 2011


It is times like these, when all three children are playing quietly or asleep that we, for a foolish moment think that this isn't so bad and perhaps having a fourth wouldn't be that bad an idea. Both thankfully and not, these moments are far and few between.

For the most part, they are bickering, annoying the heck out of each other and occasionally poking each other's eyes out. And during those times, in between yelling at them, I am left muttering under my breadth that it would be over my dead body if I had another Tan offspring to add to the brood.

Besides, Jordan, Evan and Dylan (Muffin) make for a very nice acronym- JED. It would be hard for a fourth to be added into the fold. The only conceivable letter that could be put into the acronym, would be "I" . And then, not only will that be truly cool, I will have a brood that are masters at the mind games. But even then, no.

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