Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Expensive Bones

I hate milk. With a vengeance.

The only time I've drunk milk willingly was when I was pregnant and was fearful that the babies would suck all the calcium out of me and leave me brittle-boned and osteoporotic before my time. And even then, I drank milk in the form of chocolate milk mixed in with Milo.

And because I know how much my mom worried and I assume still worries about my calcium intake, I make sure that my kids have all the calcium they need.

But I really don't have to worry about that because they are sucking me dry financially by inhaling so much dairy! In a week, we go through at least
1. 1 1/2 bottles of milk (that's about 3 litres or more) - $5.20 x 1.5
2. 1 packet of processed sliced cheese- $3.25 for 12
3. 1 box of Cheddar cheese - $5.60
4. 1 litre of yogurt- $7.05

And on top of that, there is cheese that we buy for their pizzas and Laughing Cow wedges that Evan eats as snack and Vitagen by the packs of 5 and the formula milk that they occasionally ask for in the dawn hours.

Evan is really the dairy boy. His bread has got to be buttered, even if there is going to be melted cheese atop. His pasta has to be covered in parmesan and he drinks an entire tumbler of milk just when he wakes up and then an entire mug at breakfast an hour later. That is with 2 slices of cheese on open faced sandwiches, a cup of yogurt, some cubed cheese and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese if I allow him.

Jordan, while she doesn't have her brother's intense love for cheese will still demand cheese toast, a mug full of milk and cubed cheese. She usually pairs that off with two soft boiled eggs.

Strange that they are so thin after all that breakfast and are usually ravenous by 10 am before they even board their school bus.

Muffin eats the least amount of fresh dairy at this point. He gets fresh milk in the morning with cereal or yogurt with fruit with a couple of cubes of cheese which he loves. I suspect it is the sodium that he actually loves.

What ever it is, when Evan whines and begs me not to work, I tell him that if I don't, I can't pay for his expensive dairy habit. Usually that keeps him quiet for a while as he processes a world without dairy. Then he usually concedes and just tells me to hurry back.

When I go grocery shopping, the cashiers have commented on my dairy purchases because usually I buy everything in bulk. Processed cheese slices in bound packs of 3s and usually the low fat variety for me, 2 big bottles of milk, 3 strips of Vitagen, 2 boxes of Cheddar, 2 boxes of yogurt (1 for them and 1 low-fat one for me) and the big 30 pack of eggs (strictly speaking, not dairy). They ask how long I take to finish it or how many people there are in my family. Unabashedly, I tell them a week and a half, tops. And that the kids that are eating so much are under 5.

That usually causes their eyes to bug. And then sometimes, if the cashier is very motherly a bit of nagging that I should be taking a lot of it as well, especially since I have 3 kids. I usually just smile and nod. I never tell them I hate most of the stuff I buy and would throw up if anyone forced it down me!

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