Monday, November 21, 2011

Master Manipulator

Evan's school teacher told me that he is a smart kid. That he sees things that kids his age do not see.

We have realised that. The boy is bright and sharp and we are constantly floored by his comments and observations. His fascination for observing how things work has led us to think that something in the engineering field might be up his alley.

But today, we discovered also the side of him that has led us to conclude that our son could do well in politics too. Whether that is a good thing, I really don't know.

This was the conversation that led to the conclusion.

Papa: Evan, Papa is going to drop Mommy off in town, okay?
Evan: Why is Mommy going to town?
Mommy: To look for things that I need for our holiday.
Evan: Can I go to Ah Ma's house while you are in town?
Papa: Yes, you can go to Ah Ma's house, but no iPad.
Evan: Papa, are you going with Mommy?
Papa: No, why?
Evan: I think you need to go with Mommy. If you don't go with Mommy, Mommy will have no one to help her. And she will take so long that the shops will close.
Papa: Do you just want me out of the house?
Evan: (pauses) Yes.
Papa: Do you just want me out of the house so that you can have the iPad?
Evan: No, you must go and help Mommy. Mommy needs your help.
Papa: Okay, but I am telling Tita (our helper) that when we are not home, you cannot have the iPad.
Evan: Oh! If Tita doesn't give me the iPad, I will look for it and show it to her! And Papa and Mommy will not be home so I can play with it!

So, instead of telling us directly that he didn't want us around because he wanted some iPad time, he made it out to be of benefit to me. Him having the iPad was just something unexpected that came out of the Papa being out helping Mommy.

Fast forward thirty years, it wouldn't be all that much of a stretch for him to be doing this on a larger scale than just to his parents!

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