Friday, December 09, 2011

Great Tan Vacation I

The radio silence for the past two weeks has not been of my doing. Being in the middle of the Caribbean is as far away from civilisation as it gets and satellite phones on the ship cost $6.95 a minute and as one stand up comedian on the ship said, it would be easier and cheaper to get a 1900 girl to relay a message to our family than to call direct. Also wifi was $0.65 a minute so I just had to accept that I had no wifi connection, no Facebook and no access to the Cyber Monday sales even though I was in the USA.

The last 2 and a 1/2 weeks have been crazy and I have been grumpy for much of it because I am a full time maid to the 3 kids and moving destinations every couple of days means packing for the entire family every couple of days. I would like to not pack for a long time after this vacation, thank you very much.

There are currently no photographs to upload because the wifi access I have is limited to one device and we wisely decided it would be the lap top because that made the most sense. So no photographs from my phone can be uploaded unfortunately.

At the point, we have spent 3 days in San Francisco where we had our first real American Thanksgiving, 2 days in Fort Lauderdale where we were actually meant to check into a real crack house that looked like something out of CSI, a cruise right into the Caribbean where we visited the Bahamas and various Virgin Islands which made me realise a girl's first useful Geography lesson comes from watching Miss Universe pageants because my sister-in-law and I pwned the boys when it came to naming the islands and pronouncing them all with the appropriate accents. And now, 5 days in Orlando where we have seen nothing else but Disney parks (Epcot was a damn big cop out and still puts me in a bad mood to think about the wasted day), supermarkets and one outlet mall (thankfully!).

We are returning to Magic Kingdom because by far it really the most magical and we should have just spent all our time there. The kids have been thrilled and wiped out by the end of the day. Evan has missed dinner two nights in a row and Jordan three because by 5 or 6 pm, they have given up and passed out for the night. It makes the nights easier for us but we've been so flat out as well that we haven't actually been able to take advantage of those early bedtimes.

I think I desperately need a vacation after this that doesn't require me to do more than go to the spa, get a massage (my aching body needs it because Muffin has put on a lot of weight and he has been a koala bear to me, insisting only I carry him and to carry him everywhere), sleeping a whole lot and hitting the shops for massive retail therapy. And this time, therapy is the right word to use.


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