Friday, December 23, 2011


One thing that was very clear during our 24 day vacation in the US was that the cousins had a great time together. The immediate Tan cousins as well as their little cousin who lives in San Francisco.

It warmed our hearts to see them play together and amused us to watch the dynamics form between them.

1. Jordan loved looking after her little girl cousin, Ler.

2. Evan would move mountains to give Ler what she wanted when he wouldn't budge an inch with Muffin.
3. Jordan and Evan gang up against their eldest cousin, Ning.

4. Ning would then seek alliance with Jordan against Evan, telling him he is a cry baby.

5. Evan would ally himself with Ning when he was pissed off with Jordan and they would hide her precious magic markers.
6. Nathan, their little SF cousin had only eyes for Ning and would follow her puppy dog fashion.

7. Muffin and Ler would ally themselves against the world. Perhaps, they knew they were the tiniest and they would constantly call each other, tell each other's parents that the other was crying or upset. Muffin would pick up Ler's pacifier and stick it back in her mouth when she lost it.

I have great memories about travelling with my cousin and staying over at her house during the holidays. Packrat has the same memories too and it is our wish that our children and their cousins would grow the same memories as they grow up.

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