Monday, December 19, 2011

Favourite bits of the trip 1- The Caribbean Cruise

Each child has a different take on what was the best part of our four-leg USA trip. That being said, I could probably only record two because Muffin is only semi-verbal and I think if you asked him, his favourite bit wasn't geographic as it was people based. I think for Muffin, his favourite bit was being able to limpet himself onto me.

Anyway, according to Evan, his favourite place was the boat. So we will start with the boat. Technically not a boat, but an almost 300 000 tonne ship with 17 decks.

Why did Evan like it?

He claims he liked the room. We didn't because 5 people in a cabin was a bit of a squeeze but he still talks about it. I suspect it is the balcony where they sit for long periods watching the waves and clowning around.

But it could also be that we had a great housekeeper who would surprise the children each night when he came in to turn down the beds, leaving them surprises such as Duck Duck and Ele watching television, Duck Duck or Ele donning my shades etc.

It could also be the wave pools that turned out to really be wave pools on our last day at sea when the winds were so bad, the pools were empty and the deck chairs were double chained to the rails.

Did Jordan like the ship?

Yes she did. She loved meeting and greeting characters. She loved the pool even though the winds combined with the non-heated pools turned her lips blue. She loved climbing up and down the deck chairs at dusk when no one was around and the carousel where she could choose which steed she wanted to be on. By the end of the trip, she was very good at sassy posing, with characters and pirates all the same!

Muffin, on the other hand was probably the least impressed but we really don't know. We do suspect he was seasick a lot of the time because he threw up a lot. And very publicly at that. At the formal dining room, outside our room on the corridor and in the room itself numerous time. All this throwing up made us very appreciate of our stateroom attendant and he got a great big tip from us; for cleaning up puke and surprising the kids every evening.

Did we like the cruise?

Yes. It had the first Starbucks on the Seas which meant I got Passion Tea Lemonades anytime I wanted. And we could order supper and have it on our balcony when all was asleep on the kid front. We also loved how crazy the wind was even though it was a little bit too cold for me to even stick a toe into the pool. I sat, primly wrapped in a sweater on the pool deck watching my kids. Only a drowning kid would have motivated me into the water!

As parents, we liked that the kids were safe. Well, as safe as they could be 16 decks above sea level on the high seas. As a couple with kids, we liked that after the kids passed out from the many activities onboard, we could slip out to the Comedy Club where jokes were adult and irreverent or just take a walk with stuff 24 hours.

But was there anything we didn't like?
The seasickness that came with being on a ship in open seas, regardless of how huge the vessel was. The fact that the kids' club sucked eggs and we couldn't keep the kids there for more than half a day.

Apart from that, Evan was right. The ship was great. Just more Dramamine next time. If there will be a next time.

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