Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3-D Dragon Pet, not the Tamagotchi.

The love for the movie How to Train a Dragon does not end with Evan. Jordan adores the movie as much as she adores her Princess collection. Dragons are part of our daily conversation. Just yesterday, Jordan demanded to know if there was a shop out there that sold dragons. Much to her disappointment, Mommy said no.

Since she couldn't go out and buy a pet dragon, her next best choice was to make one. First she drew Toothless. Then she drew some people. I assumed they were Hiccup and the girl, characters from the movie. But apparently, it was actually Evan and herself. Then she asked me for glue and scissors, whereupon she cut out the people, cut out some stars and moon that she had drawn as well and stuck them on, standing up.

By the end of it, she had herself a rudimentary dragon that could kind of fly. She flew it around, she talked to the characters and she fed Toothless some water. After all, he was thirsty after flying so far, apparently.

I liked that she improvised. She thought about how she could make the dragon fly and how her end product wasn't two-dimensional. I liked that she knew how to stick the parts she had cut out so that they would stand up.

I like that they get different things out of the same movie and they express it in different ways. Evan, talking about it till the cows come home, Jordan making craft based on it and Muffin, well, he just makes like a dragon and roars on command.

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