Friday, February 24, 2012

Seeing Red

I just blogged about Jordan being dreamy and loving to doodle. Like most parents, I look at my kids and wonder what they will end up doing when they grow up. I don't think my parents looked at me when I was young and went "Hmm, this one, I think will be a teacher."

I don't really know what they will do and it really is too soon to tell. But I'm pretty sure of some of the things that they won't be. Evan, while being very sharp and fast academically, is unlikely to follow in both his uncle's footsteps and become a doctor. I'm not saying that he won't be bright enough to do it. But I do think some tolerance of blood is expected of anyone in that profession.

At the sight of blood, the child panics. He makes a big fuss and looks as if he might actually swoon. If it's a gash that is bleeding profusely, he gets hysterical until it is staunched and dressed and he can no longer see the blood oozing out of him. I would find that amusing except for the fact that I've had to calm the poor child down all; he had scrapped his knees and it had started to bleed as we were sending Muffin to school. Just that meant he didn't want to climb up the hill to Muffin's school. He wanted to limp, he wanted to hike up his shorts. In short, he wanted to do everything he could to make sure the whole world know that he had a scrap and he was bleeding.

Packrat thinks all is not lost because his brother who is a doctor, while being unable to stand the sight of his own blood is quite comfortable dealing with other people bleeding.

At the same time, there is Jordan who has the nurturing personality but has an averse reaction to vomit. When she sees anyone throws up, it induces her own gag reflex and she has on occasion thrown up just by seeing someone else throw up.

So, I have one child who cannot stand the sight of blood and another who cannot stand the sight of vomit. What are the implications? Probably quite a lot. But since they are 4, I won't even to bother to speculate and enjoy the hilarity of it.