Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic

The little actress' most recent monologue is Psalm 23 complete with actions. While she mis-pronounces some words, it is heartwarming to see her recite it.

*The sound and the picture don't sync very well but this will suffice until Jordan can ham it up and perform it again; hopefully with Evan as well.

Both of them know it and will recite it together. When the camera is on, however, Evan shies to the side. But it once again serves as evidence why I think highly of the kindergarten that both of them are in now. I have been slightly nervous about them being in new classes with new teachers this year. I worried that the teachers would not get the children and their unique personality traits. I worried that the class would be too big and they would get lost in it and slip through the cracks unknown and unseen. Typical mother worries.

But while this has got nothing to do with how much they can now read, write or count, it gives me great comfort and assurance that they are taught this in school. And it makes me certainly feel, despite the times that I am totally and utterly aggravated by them that 'my cup has indeed runneth over.'

Typical mother pride.

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