Sunday, March 04, 2012

25 months of Muffin

Muffin will be 25 months tomorrow. It is passing far too quickly. He is in school. He has graduated out of sleeping in the cot and eating in his high chair. He is gradually growing out of babyhood.

We cannot help but compare him to the twins at the same age and he is cheekier, fiestier and much more stubborn. At the same time, he laughs more easily, is more sociable and definitely, most definitely more nimble and agile than Evan and Jordan were at that age.

At 25 months, Evan was still falling over a lot and creating a semi-permanent bump on his head. Jordan then, was running like a puppy, bum going one direction, head and body, the other. Muffin however can run, catch himself when he falls before hurting anything serious and pick himself up again. He's even taught himself how to somersault, as a spectacular landing to a slide.

Speech wise however, he lags behind his siblings. Some words are clear but some are so garbled we have to guess at what he is trying to point out to us. It would help if we could figure out what he was saying. But at the same time, someone once told me we spend the first couple of years wishing they'd acquire speech but the rest of our lives wishing they'd shut up.

I think we are at the point where we just want to remember all these little moments, verbal or pre-verbal. A few nights ago, Jordan asked me to tell her baby stories of herself. And to my horror, there were so few I could remember although I do recall having a lot of fun with Evan and her. I know it will be inevitable that the same thing will happen when Muffin is 4 and asks me to tell him stories of himself as well.

So while he still has baby-ness to him, we are going to try and hold on to the little moments before they whizz by and the next thing I know, Muffin is asking me to tell him baby stories of himself. Perhaps then, I will tell him the story of every little scar he has on his body, beginning with the big gash by his right eye. At least, that I know I won't forget.

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  1. Is that your hubby snoozing?? haha!

    Your 3 kids are beautiful; you're one lucky lady. =D