Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dead like a door nail

I should shroud this post in black. Because I am in mourning. Not for anyone human though.

I am in mourning because my trusy MacBook of 4 years gave up the ghost on Wednesday. For the last few days, I've been walking around
in a daze, wondering what to do having lost data, photos and all my JEDPacks inventory list and contacts.
Pack rat asked if I could conceivably use a PC laptop. I whined at that. Most of my work life, I used PCs but he got me my first MacBook when the twins were born and I don't just see it as a White laptop with an apple on the front but a sign of the start of a different life.

It signified kids, motherhood, being girly (Packrat thinks my girl-ness has been epitomized that I now won't go back to using a black, functional PC) and most importantly, the gradual move away from full-term, rigid employment to the flexible, chaotic harrassed world that defines my existence now.

So right now, I am in limbo, surviving on Packrat's tiny PC NetBook which I have to share with the kids because all the entertainment exists on it and my brother's iPad which doesn't have a SIM card so I am limited to using it at home. Even that, I share with Muffin because his precious 'A A ABC' videos are on them.

Will I get a new one ? Most definitely, although it will break the bank. But I been told to wait, till the new one releases in the summer.


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