Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Running before walking

I was at the receiving end of dictation today. The first time since I left school. Jordan commanded me to write down her story. A story she had dreamed up to describe the house she drew.

It took a great effort on her part and I was amazed that she had a plot, she had a hook and she had a resolution. She even had tension in the story. Of course, part of it had to be deciphered because she is after all only a soon to be 5 year old and her grammar and sense of time is a little bit wonky.

But as far as possible, I used her words. Verbatim wouldn't have made a lot of sense to those who didn't know her.

Anyway, for those who cannot expand the picture above, here is the story.

One day, the witch let down balloons that were floating the house. So the house was going to fall down. She made the three children carry the house. They cried because the house was very heavy. Their Mommy and Daddy went to tell the King. When the Queen heard about it, she told the King to call 999. The police were on the way to catch the witch. When the witch saw them, she jumped up and popped all the balloons and wanted to kill the children. The police came just in time and caught the witch and put her in prison!

Of course, there were holes in the story. Whose house was it? Where did the witch get the balloons from? Who were the three children that the witch made to help? Why were the children there? How did she manage to jump so high to pop the balloons?

This one, I am recording for her. To show her when she is older; her first piece of writing. It has also incentivised her to learn to read a little quicker. For a girl who loves weaving tales and drawing them out, she doesn't have much interest in being able to read them for herself. Her brother on the other hand, couldn't draw a boy to look like a boy but could read 60% of her story without help.

They really are different. I guess if they worked as a team when they get older, she will create the story and he will be me, taking dictation for her while she illustrates it!

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