Saturday, December 01, 2012

Running on Experience

I agreed to the impossible a couple of months ago. I agreed to run the quarter marathon for the Stan Chart Singapore Marathon that is tomorrow. It was against my better judgement. The better judgement that said that I would not be able to find time to train. The better judgement that said that my shot out knees wouldn't be able to take it. But yet, I agreed because Packrat wanted to do it.

And I was right. I haven't run in at least a month. And even before that, if I could run once a week, that was considered a good week.

Compare this to the last time I ran the quarter. Then, I was running 20-30 km a week, the menisci in my knees were still intact and I hadn't had 3 kids and I was under 30 years old.

So, I am a little bit worried about tomorrow.

My mind tells me that it should be okay. I could walk if I were tired. I can take it easy. I can run it based on experience.

That is all possible.

But when I told my friend Sha, who was with me all through the 6 years that I ran competitively, she laughed. She didn't believe that I was capable of taking it easy. She thought that I would kill myself trying to clock a good time because it was written in my DNA and because that was what was drilled into my head in the most formative six years of my lie. In short, I am not wired to take it easy even if the body isn't willing.

So to make it as easy as possible, I have
1. Eaten pasta for dinner (carbs loading)
2. Taken glucosamine everyday this week
3. Taken out a new running top to run with
4. Bought bananas. (Prevents cramping)

I will also drink copious amounts water and go to bed after posting this. I do have to get up at 5.15 tomorrow morning and pretend to eat some breakfast. 

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