Thursday, April 04, 2013

Meme: 20 Questions

I used to do memes on my previous blog all the time and I miss doing them.

So, when I saw the one that Regina was doing, I thought... FUN.
Since I have had more than one pregnancy, I'll talk about the second one, for our third kid, Muffin.  The longer version is here.

 1. Was your pregnancy planned, and how old were you?
Nope, not at all. I was 34

2. What were your reaction?
Oh crap! We're going to be doing MORE sleepless nights? But I just stopped breastfeeding! But I hadn't got my period yet! But we had to have so much help to fall pregnant with the twins. I hadn't even sneezed and I was pregnant now? WHAT!!!!

3. How did you find out you were pregnant?
I was dizzy, I had no appetite and I wanted to go running. Before I put on my running shoes I thought "maybe I should check if I'm pregnant". I peed on a stick, it didn't turn colour. 2 days later, the exact same train of thought popped into my head. I was dizzy, I had no appetite and I still wanted to go running. This time, a teeny tiny pink/ purple line appeared (you had to stare very hard to see it. It was that early in the pregnancy). 

4. Who did you tell first?
Packrat. Actually, I threw the pee stick onto his table and went "LOOK!"

5. Did you find out the sex?
Yes. At 16 weeks. The image the doctor showed us was basically the image that would have been taken if Muffin had sat, butt naked on a photo copy machine and made a copy of himself. Butt cheeks and balls.

6. Did you have morning sickness?
Yes. For 16 weeks. Massive massive upchucking with 2 year old twins to chase. 

7.What did you crave?
French fries and salty stuff. But the weirdest combination was Oreos and prata, together.

8. Who / What irritated you the most?
The twins most probably.  They were in their Terrible Twos and I was sick for half of it.

9. Did you wish you had a different gender from what you obtained?
 Yes. Evan was maxing out the definition of the Terrible Twos and at that point, I couldn't imagine another Evan!

10. How many kilos did you gain during the entire pregnancy?
20 kgs. It was frightening!

 11. Where did you think the baby was conceived?
We don't really know. We didn't have any period math to depend on. But we do know that he wasn't conceived in a petri dish!

12. Did you have any complications during the pregnancy?
Pre-term labour triggered by climbing 4 floors of steps to my office. 

13. Where did you give birth?
Gleneagles. When I walked into the labour ward, the midwives all exclaimed "WHERE WERE YOU? WE WERE EXPECTING YOU AT 7AM" It was 11 am when I sauntered in.

14. How many hours were you in labour?
In hospital? 2 hours. But I think labour had started the day before but I thought it was just a backache from carrying 20 kg of baby weight.

15. Who watched you give birth?
Packrat, the Obgyn and the midwives.

16. Was it natural, or C-Sect?
It was natural. I had crazily decided to go VBAC without any pain relief.

17. Did you take medication to ease the pain?
I had a microwaved sock filled with rice and I paced the room like an impatient lioness.

18. When was your child born?
5 February 2010

19. What is his / her name?
Muffin. (Dylan Josiah Tan)

20. How old is he today?

3 years 2 months to the day.


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