Saturday, April 06, 2013

Saturday Morning Snapshot: House of Boxes

JED Packs got a mega delivery yesterday. That meant the house was choc-a-bloc full of boxes. I am very grateful that amidst all the temptation of the new and shiny bags and bottles, they are more excited over the number of boxes they get to play with. But they don't know what to do with the small boxes apart from build it up and then knock it over with a ball.

This morning, because Packrat had work and had taken the car, we were home bound.

I rallied all of them to move the boxes out to our favourite stair landing space and asked them how they would like to build a house.

So with a lot of help from packing tape, we built a shack/ hut with half a roof, all out of boxes and postage cardboard.

It didn't look all that fantastic but it served its purpose. Shelves for their water bottles, stools brought in from our real house. Windows that could shut and a mail box that they demanded but promptly forgot. Jordan drew the Lion King on their "television" so that they had something to watch and I was ordered to build a "Pride Rock" on the outside for their little Lion King aka Muffin. So, instead of a dog house, we had a lion house. 


It grew more complicated because a garage got included when Chloe brought a car and they had to have tea in their house while Evan went to play golf and brought home a trophy.

It's as close as they'll probably ever get to having a big house with a garage with a big car in it and a dog Lion's House on the outside.

The only thing it was missing was air-conditioning so out came 4 very sweaty children for lunch.

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