Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Casanova and the Runaway Bride

The twins are at an extremely precocious age where they know more than they understand. And in our world where kids grow up very quickly, they are as well, much as we try to slow it down. In school, they are exposed to ideas and concepts beyond age and maturity.

One thing that they talk about is boyfriends and girlfriends and marriage.

Marriage is something that is a big deal to Jordan especially. She thinks it's all about the the gown, the veil and the pretty flowers. She loves watching our wedding video and wants to be pretty like Mommy. While I am flattered, I am happy for her to wait many, many more years. Anyway, that's one of her favourite role-playing characters. Her grandma provides her with a whole lot of props. Tulle, dried flowers and long skirts.

Evan, while he is not as enamoured about getting married the way Jordan is, has his own ideas about marriage and weddings as well. He talks about the girls he wants to marry and it seems to be a revolving door of girls.

For the most part we are amused and play along.

Part 1.
We have been told by someone in the twins' school that Jordan walks into the hall everyday hand in hand with a boy that is neither of her brothers. When we asked her about it, she said he had asked her to marry her. When we asked her what was her answer, her response was that she couldn't remember. Her bus mates however have told their parents that the boy asked her to marry him and she said yes. So the girl cannot remember that she'd agreed to marry a guy, but the rest of the world knows?

Part 2.
When Packrat asked her a few days later if she is still going to marry the 'bus boy', she said no. When asked if she had told him, she said she had forgotten.

Well, I guess if the girl cannot remember she accepted a wedding proposal, she would be most likely not be able to remember that she's left the poor boy at the altar.

These were taken when Jordan was much younger. But the predilection is still a strong one!

Then there's Evan.

With all the talk with Jordan and her 'wedding proposal', we did not want to leave him out. So we asked him if he had any idea whom he wanted to marry. He rattled off 5 names. We told him he can only marry one and that would he would have to stick to her. He paused for a minute and he agreed. We asked him how he was going to pick, his answer was immediate. "Get all 5 girls to scissors-paper-stone. Who win, will marry me." He has also told me that the girl he wanted to marry last year, he cannot; because he wants to be a scientist and she a doctor. People who have different jobs cannot marry. Social engineering at its best. That connundrum, I did undo for him though. But for the most part, he is tres confident and full of male ego with no concept of the girls saying no. When asked where he was going to live after he got married, he said a hotel. It all sounded a little sordid.

Packrat thinks he will be the charmer that every girl wants to be with, with those big eyes and the sensitive soul. And Jordan will be the one who, because of her nonchalance, will make the boys chase her harder.

None of that inspires confidence in him. He fantasises about getting a shotgun and getting our boys trained at sniper/ shotgun school to keep the boys from banging at the castle gates. My response to that is, while we are dreaming, that we should have a moat filled with crocodiles and piranhas and pull up the drawbridge when the boys come a-knocking.

For Evan and Muffin, I haven't figured out how to protect him from getting his heart trampled  but there seems to be double standards here. While Packrat is able to harbour his gun-toting fantasises, he has outrightly banned me from rolling my eyes at the choices of my sons.

But seriously, the kids are growing up too quick and while we kid and tease them about it, we've spent time also putting it into their heads that all these things are not to happen till they are in their 20s and that when they do choose mates, they can't just go for the "looks handsome/ pretty" variety. We know they are too young to understand most of it but it's not stopping the naggy parent in us.

JED can also be very sure that the contents of this post will surface in some way or other in the speeches that will be made at their weddings, after Papa and Mommy have put away the shot guns and retrieved the eye balls after the massive eye-rolling.

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  1. Instead of crocodiles and shotguns, I think you should just consider a GPS chip. Packrat can bulk buy together with my hubs (2 girls) and another dad (3 girls) and get a bulk discount. think the chip should go into their school bag, but the other family wants it under their skin. Too much Bourne Identity.

    Just a stranger passing by.

    P/S: Is Packrat thinking of retiring early to stalk Jordan? If so, he can "la kopi" together with my hb in the future.

  2. Katiemom,
    I'm sure we can arrange something. I think he wants to make t-shirts "Dads against Daughters Dating!"

    What size is your hubs? :)