Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zombie love

I generally don't like zombies. Packrat has been trying to get me to read the World War Z. I like how it is analogous to what is wrong with the world today, but I'm not a big zombie fan. No Zombie Survival Guide, Zombie Combat Manual, World War Z. I'd probably have gone to do the Zombie Run but then again, I would have run through the Zoo just to see animals sleeping and uninterested.

So when Packrat and his brother said to look at this video, I wasn't all that keen.

But I'm glad that I did. It isn't just about zombies. It's about dads. And it's about dads and their love for their children.

Will Packrat do that? I have come to realise that he would. He would lay his life down for the kids if it meant he could save them from sudden death.

I hate the apocalyptic genre; they are what my nightmares are made up of. I think if I this was one of my nightmares, I would still wake up in tears. And I would check if Packrat or any of the kids had become turned. 

If they had, it would be time to read one of the above books.

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