Monday, April 22, 2013

The Flight of the Tooth Fairy

Jordan has started losing her teeth.

Her first tooth (her front left central incisor) fell out 7 February 2013.

One of their favourite weekend movies is the Rise of the Guardians where there is the Tooth Fairy who takes the milk teeth of children to help them preserve their memories.

Surprise surprise, she is Jordan's favourite character.

When her first tooth fell out, she was so thrilled that the Tooth Fairy would come and visit. She was sad because the Tooth Fairy left her only $1. We told her that even the Tooth Fairy was on an austerity drive. It is strange that we never led them to believe in Santa but we didn't put a stop to her Tooth Fairy beliefs. Call us inconsistent.

Anyway, this afternoon, her lower right central incisor, hanging by the corner of its root gave up its ghost as well.

We asked her how it eventually fell out since we'd been trying the whole afternoon to shake it out of the gum bed without inflicting too much pain onto Jordan. She was nonchalant and told us how she used her tongue to shove it out. More importantly, we had to wash it and prep it so that she could stick it under her pillow.

While tucking them all in, I had to remind myself not to forget. My life is tough enough without having to deal with the disappointment and heartbreak that she would feel because, in her mind, the Tooth Fairy had forgotten her.

But would it have been so tragic if she had to learn the truth? That it was in fact Mommy and Papa who left the coin under her pillow?

We think for now, it means the world to her and we'll let her live in her dream world for a few more teeth. After all, she did fall asleep with her arm under her pillow, in an attempt to wake up when the Tooth Fairy fluttered in. She also wanted to ensure that since the Tooth Fairy was only making its appearance at night, that she wouldn't crash headlong into the wall or into her brothers. She had light sticks under her pillow, like an exhausted air-traffic controller, directing the Tooth Fairy to the tooth.

Thankfully for Mommy and Papa, she did not stir when we unceremoniously switched on all the lights, heaved the pillow up with her on it, looked underneath, chuckled and took the tooth. We placed the coin in the circle of light, put her and the pillow back down, kissed her goodnight and switched off all the lights.

I have already psyched myself to be woken first thing tomorrow morning by her, announcing that the Tooth Fairy left another $1.

Evan stands by, somewhat envious because his teeth are rock steady. The dentist assures us that it will fall out but boys have their teeth in place for longer. I have heard him ask Jordan if she would punch him hard in the mouth so that his teeth might fall out. (Yet, another thing they learnt from Rise of the Guardians) He promises not to cry. Wisely, she said no.

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  1. hahahahaha I love this!!!!!!!

  2. I love it too. And true to our expectations, a little voice whispered to me gleefully this morning that the tooth fairy had left her a shiny dollar coin. :)