Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bird Brain

In the last month, I have lost 2 water bottles and a pair of sunglasses.

For the record, it isn't the first pair of sunglasses that I have lost. The last time I lost sunglasses, I was in Disney World with the kids and as punishment (to me that is), I spent the rest of the vacation with a pair of Mickey Mouse sunglasses perched atop my head. And that doesn't include all the close shaves where I misplace my sunglasses, keys, phone and cannot find them and needing everyone to scurry around the house looking for them. It has become a common occurrence where I use the home phone to ring my mobile.

It drives me insane. I don't know why I keep losing my stuff, even though my sunglasses are often used as a hairband to keep my hair from my eyes and  my bottle is 1 litre huge. Granted, the first one I lost earlier this month, it was on the plane covered by blankets. But even then, it has been inexcusable.

JED obviously take after me and they leave their bottles on the school bus, in the classroom and I am constantly reminding them to remember. I have all these fun and cute stuff from JED Packs that I would love for them to use next year come Primary One but I worry they would lose them all within a day.

It's about teaching responsibility. And a sense of ownership. And at this moment, I feel I am not equipped to do so since I've lost a whole lot of stuff that are very dear to me.

I suspect it doesn't help that jet lag, the chronic sleep deprivation and the Mommy brain syndrome leaves me all over the place. But oh how I wish that I didn't lose my stuff! Not just because I find it hard to lord over JED knowing full well I am as bad as they are but because I was really attached to my sunnies and my bottle!

Packrat turned my threat to JED right around to me. He told me I should just bring a mineral water bottle out since I can't be trusted with the Nalgenes. And wear a hat to shade my eyes.

In response, I would probably lose my hat too.'s Talkative Thursdays


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