Thursday, December 04, 2014

Having babies

For some reason, we've been talking about having babies.

No, not along the lines of having another baby though Muffin and Jordan have declared they want a baby sister (fat hope of that happening).

We've been talking about how babies come into this world. The actual birth of the baby. And that has spawned a hilarious set of reactions.

In response to finding out that she and Evan were born through a C-section recoiled in horror at Mommy's belly being cut opened and stitched back. She worries about the pain and it didn't help when she saw pictures of me wincing through Muffin's birth. She is a confused one, that one; declaring that she doesn't ever want to have babies but also declaring she wants a family. I told her she could adopt and she looked like her brain was going to explode.

"Thank God I'm not a girl!" I told him that if he got married, his wife would have to go through it. His response was "but it's not me!" When I told him that it was his job to be there and get sworn at, hit and hold the hand of his wife, he asked "Why would I want to give her my hand if she is going to hit me?" How male, this one is.

He didn't understand how it happened so I somewhat flippantly told him "I sneezed and you fell out of me." He didn't question me about it. But a few days later, when I sneezed, he looked at the ground between my legs and asked "Did a baby fall out of you yet?"

Like I told Jordan, they have about 20 or more years to wrap their heads around the idea of child birth. Jordan broke it down into 7300 days give or take and then proceeded to freak out because that didn't seem that long to her either.


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