Sunday, March 27, 2011

When I grow up, I will be a... (II)

Packrat keeps reminding me that I insisted on giving Muffin the trait of speed with his Chinese name. He complains that Muffin is too quick for everyone, getting into scraps, putting things into his mouth that he is not supposed to and climbing up on chairs and platforms and giving us a heart attack a minute.

But admittedly, the boy is kinesthetically fast. He can catch balls, kick them and is quite adept at chasing them around.

Everyone is amazed at the amount he eats and drinks and marvels at the fact that he is so wiry (read: small). But anyone who spends any time with him would know that the reason for that is that this little one does.not.keep.still. There is never a still movement with him. He is always doing something or off somewhere. I have thought about belling him so that we know where he is in the house but I think we would be driven to distraction by the constant 'ring-a-ding-ding'.

So, here he is, enjoying a spontaneous game of 'racket-the-ball' with Isaac. I am thankful that Isaac indulged him and sent him off chasing the ball up and down while Mommy attempted to have lunch while fobbing off his older two siblings.

Because I ran track and harbour a secret hope that at least one of my kids would like to run track, I always wonder if this is the one. Right now, I think he takes after his father more, with the ball sense and spatial awareness that I never quite had.

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