Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Father's worst nightmare

My daughter is giving her father anxiety pangs and she is only 4. She is overly affectionate and boys are attracted to her like bees to honey. We had another twin boy who followed her around like a puppy dog, pushing other people out of the way and pulling up chairs for her to sit on. At this age, it is all very sweet. But the writing is on the wall for this girl.

As Packrat quips, thank goodness she has two brothers to help him with the screening and terrorising of the boys who come a knocking.

When I was a teenager and started to take an interest in boys, my father's rules were simple. No boys in the bedroom. Of course, he contradicted himself by saying that if I did have a boy in my room, the door had to be open and he was not allowed to sit on the bed.

Naturally, I rolled my eyes at my father and grudgingly obeyed him.

Now that I have my daughter, his rules don't sound so draconian.

Last night, we were reading the real Rapunzel tale. Not the Disney-tised version but the real one where the Old Witch shoves the Prince out the window and he falls into thorn bushes and ends up becoming blind.

Naturally, Jordan wanted to know why the Old Witch pushed the Prince out the window.

I seized upon the opportunity then.

Mommy: The Old Witch pushed the Prince out the window because he wasn't supposed to be in Rapunzel's room. You must never have a boy in your room.
Jordan: Otherwise you will push him out the window?
Mommy: What do you think?
Papa: So are you allowed to have boys in your room?
Jordan: No. But Muffin and Evan can?
Papa: Yes, they are your brothers. That's okay.

Using it as an equal opportunity lesson,
Papa: Evan, are you supposed to have girls in your room?
Evan: No. Only Jordan. Brothers and sisters are okay.

We thought that was the end of the issue.

Then, Evan asks: Papa, can I help you build a tower? So that we can put Jordan in it?

Anyone with daughters want to enlist my sons' help? I'm sure he will be willing to learn how to build a moat. And I'm sure Muffin could round up some crocodiles for the moat.

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