Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mystery solved

We've finally figured out who tossed Duck Duck out the window.

He incriminated himself.

When interrogated this morning, Evan pointed to Muffin.
When Jordan was asked, she shrugged.
When Muffin was asked, he went to the window, pointed outside and said "Duck Duck. Outside. Down"

That's as much of an admission and confession we'll ever get.

What was the motive?

We don't know.

But we know that he wasn't pleased that he didn't succeed.

This afternoon, he was found grabbing Evan's Duck Duck again and making a beeline for the window. When he was stopped and the window shut, he cried.

Could it be that he had some vendetta against Evan? We don't see him having just cause. Afterall, he is the one that is often channeling Godzilla and wrecking Evan's toys.

Did he do it to get more attention? Possibly. Although we don't see how that would make sense in his head apart from the fact that he would get a loud earful from both his parents.

Whatever it is, he remains unapologetic and even gleeful about it. Over and over again, when we ask him who did it and he would incriminate himself quite proudly. "Duck Duck. Outside. Down. Drop." He would repeat.

We need to teach him to not incriminate himself when he does something wrong. At the same time, this is behaviour (guileless honesty) that we want to see follow him through life.

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