Monday, September 19, 2011

Fowl play

Misquoting Hamlet, "There is something rotten in the state of Holland" (Holland here being our home.

Evan has a Duck Duck. He cannot be away from it for too long. Withdrawal symptoms are massive and we try to never be in a situation where he is without his Duck Duck.

This evening, a mystery unfolded in our home.

It was bedtime. Evan couldn't find his Duck Duck. We searched everywhere for it. Even in places that we don't usually look like our wardrobes, under the couch covers and even in the bathroom.

3 inconsistencies.

1. Evan was remarkably calm. He said he would sleep without it.
2. We gave the children a lecture about throwing things out the window because apparently, my belt was flung out the window in a bid to 'catch a bird'.
3. Evan accepted his substitute Duck Duck and declared that it was old enough now to become 'Old Duck Duck'.

We eventually found Duck Duck, 14 floors down, on the ground outside, below our bedroom window.

How it got there is the mystery.
1. Could Evan have accidentally thrown it out, inspired by our lecture to not throw things out?
2. Could Jordan have done it, the same way she tossed out my belt? Perhaps this time to see if the bird a.k.a duck could fly?
3. Could it be Muffin, our usual suspect? I did see him standing by my window with his arm outstretched.

What ever it is, I suspect foul play. The fowled towel probably didn't go skydiving on its own volition.

The problem is only 2 of the 3 suspects speak.

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