Monday, September 19, 2011

Portioning Time

There's a book being made into a movie called "I Don't Know How She Does It". It's about a mom who has 10 balls in the air. But apparently it's a terrible movie because it "reflects an idealized version of someone failing. If only all such bad mothers could be so good."

The reality is that we all fail because we want to be able to do everything and we really don't have the time to do so. Then
, I read this somewhat harsh article about time, motherhood and those without kids. And she says this about time, efficiency and productivity and how she does it.

She’s four years old. I discovered that I get as much done now as I did before she was born. How is that possible? It’s because I’m a whole lot more efficient now. I only have a fraction of the time to read, work, exercise, watch TV, etc. that I used to. Because of that, I do things faster and I’ve eliminated people and eliminated things that aren’t important. My productivity has remained level but my efficiency has gone through the roof because of my daughter.
In this case, I know how she does it but I don't think I can do what she does and I say it without envy. I think she does it better than I do because I think my productivity and efficiency have taken hits. It's inevitable when sleep is one of the things that gets partially eliminated.

If I had to prioritise my time it would look something like that.
1. Kids and Packrat tie for first place.
2. Work.
3. Errands.
4. Sleep.
5. Me time.

Because Me time is at the bottom of the list and I am often in need of just down and chill time, I spend it reading, seeing friends and just becoming one with the couch. It feels like it takes too much effort to exercise. Plus exercise means making sure that all 3 children are otherwise entertained, expressing so that I don't feel like my boobs are going to detach themselves from my chest wall and rallying remaining strength to put on my running shoes. That is hard enough, let alone drive myself to an exercise/pilates/ballet class that I paid money to join. I know all about how exercise releases endorphins and that makes one feel good after that. I know it helps with detox and therefore helping me feel less tired, bloated and overall bleagh. But the excuses come fast and furious.

And this is a strange sensation for me because I spent the better part of my life running and later dancing and staying still and sedentary is not a natural state for me.

But recently, I have begun to mourn the loss of the old active me. I'm not sure what brought that about. But discovering a photograph of me from 7 years ago completing a triathlon relay, ultrafit with abs to boot did not help.


So when my birthday rolled round and I was asked what I wanted as a gift, I requested for a good pair of running shoes (Pregnancy and childbirth has wreaked havoc on my knees and joints).

With them, I have started running again. It's meant running after the kids go to sleep. And that's meant having dinner close to 10 pm at night and going to bed with a full tummy and damp hair. But it has made me feel slightly better although I don't think those abs are ever going to make a come back. 3 kids will terrible things to the abs especially when two were gestating together.


Once I get into the hang of this, perhaps I will start taking part in runs again. But for now, it really is gingerly taken baby running steps. A far cry from the pre-kids days but this is about all the time I can carve out right now. And at least, I am getting my leaden legs moving. Now to buy more running shorts and sports bras.

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