Monday, October 25, 2010

A day in the life of me

Today was one of those days.

Jordan needed to get her eyes checked because she has a bit of a squint.

It started as usual at 5.30 am. It also didn't help that it rained buckets.


0530hrs- Wake up, make twins milk, make breakfast and get ready to express.
0630hrs- Get Evan into the shower and take a shower myself
0700hrs- Bring Evan down to the bus stop to catch the bus.
0715hrs- Leave for school but drop Packrat off because it was pouring buckets.
0730-0750hrs- Grow increasingly agitated as I am stuck in a jam and need to be at work by 0750hrs.
0755hrs- Rock into work and get soaked getting from car to the building. Shoes included. Enter sub zero auditorium drenched and immediately get a brain freeze.
0900hrs- Leave work to pick Jordan up to get to the hospital. Hospital is 5 minutes from home but the drive and traffic makes it a half an hour venture, as was the drive home to pick her up.

1000hrs- 1200 hrs- At the hospital getting various tests run on Jordan. She is generally cooperative until she has to get drops dripped into her eye to dilate her pupils. Even though the last time she had this done, she was 6 months old, she remembers it and the minute she sees the bottle, she covers her eyes and cries and superglues her lids shut. The nurse commented how it was impossible to pry the lids open. Eventually we do, while I gulp back sobs and tears watching my little daughter scream and writhe in pain from the smarting of the drops as I pin her arms down.
1200hrs- 1300hrs- I am told to take her for lunch and return at 2 so that I can meet with the pediatric ophthalmologist. I take her home so that she gets a bit of air, recovers from the trauma of the drops and so that she can have some lunch while I express. I eat 2 slices of raisin bread and 2 plums for lunch.
1330hrs- Back at the hospital again for more tests to check if she is short-sighted and whether or not she has a squint.
1400hrs- Placate her by bringing her in search of something to eat. We settle on Goldfish crackers. A favourite of mother and daughter.

1430hrs- We are finally see the doctor. The prognosis is good. She doesn't need surgery. She doesn't need glasses. Nor does she need to look like a pirate to correct her squint. Her squint is in both eyes and they alternate. So as long as we keep bringing her back every six months to make sure she hasn't quietly developed myopia, she'll be fine. Apparently, untreated myopia will worsen the squint.
1445hrs- We leave the hospital. Thankfully we run into Uncle Mark and he entertains Jordan while I fix her next appointment.

!500hrs- I drop the poor exhausted girl off at home. She has dozed off in the 3 minute ride home but I am told she woke up enough to go to the neighbour's house to play.
1530hrs- I head on back into work because I have a 1700hrs deadline to meet and since I've been at the hospital practically the whole day, I have no choice but to go back in while everyone else is streaming out of the office. I polish off the rest of the Goldfish crackers and mainline iced lemon tea to stay conscious.

1700hrs- I am done with what I need to do at work. I need to do grocery shopping but I suspect we'll just eat scraps tonight and I will endeavour to do it tomorrow. There is no chance in hell that I am going to brave the after work grocery store crowds with a brain that has turned to mush.
1730hrs- I finish blogging. Why am I blogging if my brain has turned to mush and why haven't I left for home? Because I can't bring myself to move and I know that once I get home, my kids will descend upon me with tidal force and I am not ready to face that yet.

Thoughts for the day.
1. Someone needs to invent kid friendly eye drops
2. The car like me was running on fumes. And thankfully, like me, it did what it had to do without buckling over.
3. I truly don't know how other people could have helped to make the day easier.
4. But I am eternally thankful that the McD's closest to work has a call, order, drive in and pick up system. It is a life saver.
5. I am thankful also for the fact that nothing went wrong today despite it being a long day. Because if it did, my brain would have imploded and I would have looked like the Edward Munch painting

So, my conclusion is these are just things a mom just has to do and on days like that, I should just mainline iced tea and give thanks.

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